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This variety of kale is tender sweet and mild flavour leaves, that are very high in Vitamin A. Can be used as either young leaves in salad mixes or boiled like cabbage when the leaves are older. It is a vigorous plant that grows to 50-80 in height. Enjoy a spot in the garden that gets full sun and well drained soil. 

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Brassica oleracea var 

This is a tender , colourful specialty kale which is
richly flavoured without being over powering, is
great in the kitchen, and is very attractive in the
garden as an ornamental plant. It has large, fine,
purple veined leaves that have a slightly curled,
wavy appearance. The leaves can grow up to
40cm in length. It is a fast growing hardy green
which will benefit strongly from soil enrichment
using compost and grown in full sun. It tolerates
frost. It can be planted all year round, though does
best in cooler seasons. They are not as afflicted
with pests as are other cole crops like cabbage.
Direct sow seeds where you wish to grow the
plant. Make drills in the soil, and apply 2 seeds
every 20-30cm. Thin out to one seedling every
20-30cm when more established. Ensure
adequate water is applied when starting the
germination and growing. The application of a
liquid fertiliser every two weeks will increase yields.

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