About Rangeview Seeds

Rangeview seeds may not be the biggest seed company in in the World or Australia. We certainly are the keenest seed company in Australia. 

Rangeview seeds is a company run by 1 man with help from his family and friends. We are developing our range at an incredible rate. Adding new varieties almost every week. As soon as we find another interesting plant we try to add those seeds to our list as quickly as we can! 

We specialise in seeds for sustainably, those seeds that produce foods, homemade medicines, clothing, shelter, anything practical, when we get seeds from that plant we offer them out to you, we want to make things more sustainable, so you can produce for yourself those things that other people go out and buy, this means you don’t have to leave home to go and work to earn money to buy the plants that you enjoy growing at home. 

For us, we get a huge amount of enjoyment, looking out our windows, gazing at the pots on our patios, where we can see new shoots coming out of the soil, that are going to produce a plant that is not only going to feed or make medicine for us, that will also taste better than anything we are going to buy. 

We hope that your stay in our online store will be as enjoyable for you, as it has been for us, to produce for you.

Please take the time to contact us, to let us know how you find the overall experience.