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Chinese Celery is a great alternative to the common celery. It is a smaller and more delicate plant that has a finer more hollow leaf with no strings. The leaf colour is a more yellowy green in colour. With Chinese celery it will produce all year round in cooler areas and does not need to be cut as a whole preferring to be cut one stalk at a time.

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Apium graveolens

Chinese Celery is more tender and lighter
 flavoured variety which is a great alternative
to the common celery plant that usually has a
great influx of produce all at the one harvesting
time. With this celery you can pick all year round.
The stalks are thinner and finer, but the flavour is
still there and it is not as stringy either. it works
really well in stirfrys and other lightly cooked
dishes.  It is great both cooked and as a salad

Celery benefits strongly from soil
enrichment with compost. A full sun position is
advantageous. Seed can be direct sown into
damp soil, or into seedling trays covered lightly
with sand. If you use seedling trays, transplant the
seedlings when 2.5 cm high. Grow celery at
anytime of the year in warmer areas and during
spring and autumn in temperate and cool areas.

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