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Cucurbita pepo


This very popular pumpkin has medium to large
fruit weighing 2-4 Kg with smooth, bright orange
coloured, firm, smooth skin with very good flavour
and fine stringless sweet flesh ideal for pies. It grows
on short strong productive vines. The fruit are good
keepers and will last 6 months.
They mature in about 100 days. Seed of this variety
is getting harder to find. Pumpkin seed should be
sown 1.0-2.0cm deep directly into the garden in
richly composted soil. Space the plants 1m apart
in rows 1.5m apart. Sow three weeks after the last
frost has passed in Cold and Temperate areas
and from September to February in Tropical and
Subtropical areas. Pumpkins do very well when a
nitrogen fixing plant, such as clover or beans are
grown with them. Pumpkins take at least 21 days
to fully ripen once picked so storage until fully ripe
will enhance pumpkin flavour. Pumpkins hit by a
frost will not store as long as unfrosted pumpkins.

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