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Amaranth - Red Improved

Amaranthus tricolor

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This is the most intensely coloured amaranth of them all. It will grow to 1.6 m in height when fully mature and it becomes a striking specimen. The leaves can be picked when as young as 25 days and they make an excellent display in your salad mix. Mature leaves can be cooked in the same dishes as you would spinach and they are are high in protein, vitamins and minerals. The flower heads are loaded with seed which is very high in protein and touted as a saviour for poor nations. It requires warm weather to germinate and when established it is quite drought hardy. Sow after last frost when soil is 20C. Liquid fertilse ever two weeks or as required until established. An intensely red amaranth this improved variety is free of green sports. Leaves are high in protein, vitamins and minerals. Very vigorous can be cut young as a sprig, perfect for colouring up salads and also used like spinach (hot weather substitute for spinach). Stems can also be cooked. Drought hardy when established. Approx. 55 Days to harvest. This is an intensely red amaranth with vigorous growth. It looks and tastes great in salads. Both the stems and leaves can be used in the same way as you would use spinach in your cooking. High in protein, vitamins and minerals.. Likes the warmth, sow after last frost. Liquid fertilse ever two weeks or as required.

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