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How can I grow and use SPROUTS as a living food?

A comprenhsive book on everything you would ever want to learn about sprouting and the effects of sprouting on your health. A full 138 pages of information covering over 100 kinds of sprouting seeds, methods for getting the best results from your seeds, medicinal and nutritional benefits and even practical recipes. Written by Isabell Shippard

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A comprehsive book on everything you would ever want to learn about sprouting and the effects of sprouting on your health. A full 138 pages of information covering over 100 kinds of sprouting seeds, methods for getting the best results from your seeds, medicinal and nutritional benefits and even practical recipes. Written by Isabell Shippard in 2005. A word from the author:- Sprouts… living food… at its best! Sprouts are very special. Sprouts are live food, comprising essential and balanced nutrients for alive people, as life proceeds from life. Life and health go together. Good health is precious. Recently, a lass I was speaking with, summed it up so well, saying, “Our body is such an exquisite gift”. What a wonderful and thought provoking statement. Every person needs to work at maintaining health, therefore, we need to learn all we can about nutrients and how the body functions. My interest in sprouts began over 20 years ago, when I read a riddle that fascinated me. It caught my attention and started my interest in wanting to learn all I could about sprouts. The riddle went… what will: * grow in any climate at any time of the year * that requires neither soil or sunshine, but is still rich in vitamins and minerals * has not been subject to chemical sprays while growing * is extremely economical and in preparation has no waste * rivals meat in nutritive value * can be grown indoors within a minimum amount of space * multiplies 400% or more in 5 days * matures in 3-5 days… the answer… sprouts! About the same time, I attended a demonstration on growing sprouts, with such a variety of seeds and tasty ways of enjoying them. I discovered that beneficial changes in nutrients take place, when seeds are sprouted: the starch converts to simple sugars, the protein provides amino acids; the fats break down into essential fatty acids; and minerals chelate or merge with protein in a way that increases their function. All these actions increase the nutrient value, and enhance digestion and assimilation. Due to these dynamic influences, sprouts are considered pre-digested food. As I became more aware of the value of live food, I started to see that little things, like sprouts, can have a big impact on health, as they provide a high degree of vitality and rejuvenation to the body. After I completed writing the book, ‘How can I use herbs in my daily life?’ in 2003, people were interested in knowing more about wheat grass and sprouts, which I had mentioned in the book. I showed them how I sprouted seeds, particularly fenugreek, which is my favourite sprout. Everyone was keen to know more about how to make sprouts and to learn of the various benefits. And from that interest, this book on sprouts has come to be. * Sprouts, which we can grow in our kitchen as fresh food, provide concentrated quality nutrients, and by weight, are an extremely rich source of vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre, essential fatty acids and antioxidants; in fact, they have a much greater nutrient content than the original seed. * Sprouts increase our ability to reach our full health potential, supplying an ideal balance of nutrients to nourish the brain and every other organ of the body. * Sprouts help to alkalise the body, clear acidic toxic wastes enabling the body to heal itself and build a stronger immune system… these are some of the benefits, I found when I started research for the book, ‘How can I grow and use sprouts as living food?’ Every one can grow sprouts in their kitchen, to provide a ready source of food, teeming with living enzymes that are essential for building energy and vitality. We require lots of enzymes for the body to work efficiently, so that the body can meet its highest potential. Enzymes act as biological catalysts & are essential to the digestion of protein, carbohydrates & fats. When we are born, we are provided with a limited supply of enzymes. Then, the pancreas produces a fluid, called pancreatin, which contains enzymes for digesting food. However, if the pancreas becomes exhausted, then foods are not digested properly and the immune system suffers. Fortunately, we can have a back-up supply, if we eat enzyme-rich foods. As we consume enzyme-rich sprouts, we can actually make enzyme deposits… like money in the bank. To get the benefits of the enzymes, the food must be raw, as heat above 45 degrees centigrade can destroy the enzymes. If a person eats mainly cooked and processed foods, the main gland that produces digestive enzymes, the pancreas, is often enlarged, due to overwork. The first signs of lack of enzymes may be: indigestion, bloating and diarrhoea. Enzyme deficiency has been implicated in over 200 diseases, including lack of energy, chronic fatigue, pain, arthritis, gout, irritable bowel, diabetes, heart disease and cancer… to name a few. Don’t underestimate the importance of enzyme-rich foods. Our very life span is governed by the total enzyme supply, their process and activity. As we age, the digestive enzymes can decrease 30% or more, by age 80. Research shows, people who consume a diet high in enzyme-rich foods, have increased vitality, as when acid wastes are discarded from the body, there is an increase in oxygen and alkalinity, which brings energy and wellbeing. Eating sprouts regularly can help to freshen the breath, cleanse the blood, lower high cholesterol and blood pressure and act as a tonic to the body. Sprouts have been called ‘the fountain of youth’ and acclaimed as the most enzyme-rich food on our planet. People who are fatigued and lack ‘get-up-and-go’ may well be lacking enzymes, as the vitamins and minerals in the food they eat may not be utilised efficiently, causing toxicity, tiredness, pain and disease. Enzymes are extremely important, as they are the very basis of every action in our body, from digestion to the repair of tissue. Without enzymes, efficient nutrient absorption is impossible and all metabolic functions slow down, making the body age faster and become more susceptible to diseases. Real benefits to health will come from eating sprouts regularly, as they are rich in living enzymes. Enzyme-rich foods generally are alkaline, which is another important factor in health. Just as most plants in the garden grow well in a neutral pH (where the soil is not acid), so too, our body, can be more efficient, if given alkaline foods. In an acid state, the cells cannot adequately take in nutrients and oxygen, and they cannot expel toxins. When researching for my sprout book, I came to see that it is in the miracle action of seeds sprouting, that they change from acid seed… to alkaline sprouts. Acidity (acidosis) is common in our society, due to high intake of cooked, processed and take-away foods, with fruit and vegetables being very neglected, causing an acid state in the blood, tissues and lymph. This is the cause of all pain and disease. An overly acid state reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients that the cells can receive. When a cell is oxygen deprived, all kinds of serious health problems may be created, including cancer, as cancerous cells are acid. However, when acid wastes are discarded from the body, there is an increase in oxygen and alkalinity, which brings energy and wellbeing. Healthy cells are alkaline. If the food we eat is rich in alkaline minerals of calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, sodium and manganese, this will help the pH of the body to be alkaline. An alkaline body is a clean system that is able to play a vital role in maintaining natural immunity and optimum health. Eating a variety of sprouts regularly is most beneficial, as they are nature’s wonder food, rich in essential alkaline minerals, the most nutrient dense foods we can eat. When we eat sprouts at a meal, we can know, without a doubt, that they will be the best food on the plate… with the highest nutritional value. Degenerative diseases plaque many people, today. We need to realise that pills and surgery are not fixing all the problems. What we can all do, is correct the acid/alkaline balance in the body, and sprouts are the easiest, most economical way to do it… it’s so easy to sprout seeds… every person can do it, and even children can learn to grow sprouts. The sprout book challenges readers to make quality food choices, to nourish the body with natural foods and create a more vibrant life. People will find the book easy to follow, it is illustrated with photos in colour, and covers how to sprout over 100 kinds of seeds, the best methods, nutritional and medicinal benefits, and how to use sprouts in simple, practical recipes. Every person who wants optimum health will be inspired to use sprouts… as a pro-active health approach, and for disease prevention. Life is a precious gift and health is a valuable asset. Sprouts are for people who want quality tomorrows. Staying biologically young and healthy… is a matter of keeping enzyme activity in our bodies at a maximum. Living enzymes of sprouts, from so many varieties of seeds are very economical and ready to eat in several days. Sprouts are alive… food can’t get any fresher than that!