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Beans Dwarf - BORLOTTI This is the classic dwarf Borlotti variety. The pod is discarded for the mottled reddish/brown and white bean inside, which is used for thick warming winter soups, risotto, etc Packet QTY 50.0g approx 75 seeds

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Phaseolus nanus

This bean is eaten both for the stringless pods when young and also picked later for the dried seed which is not only versatile and delicious but is also high in protein (about 20%) and low in fat (2%) It has very strikingly coloured pods. It is a wonderful producer even in very dry and hot conditions. These beans reach 20 cm in length. Direct sow seeds 10- 15cm apart in rows that are 45cm apart. Gently push the seed into the soil, cover lightly and water. Poor germination generally reflects over watering and rotting of seed. Beans are a nitrogen fixing crop. Sow in Spring to Summer in a well drained, full sun position. Make sure soil is not too acidic by adding some dynamic lifter or wood ash or lime before planting

QTY 50.0g approx 75 seeds

Image by Jeremy Keith Copyright CC BY 2.0

Borlotti beans


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