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High yeilding fresh market beans with great flavour. The industry standard for flat beans.

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Phaseolus vulgaris

This is an Australian bred, high yielding, fresh market
bean with great flavour. It has been the industry
standard for flat beans. It is very reliable, has great
taste, and is resistant to most garden pests that
attack other beans. The pods mature in 9-11 weeks
The plants have a dwarf growing habit with light green
semi flat pods with light strings. The pods grow
15-16cm in length. Direct sow the seeds 15cm apart in
rows that are 45cm apart. Gently push the seed into
the soil, cover lightly, firm down and water. Poor
germination generally reflects over-watering and is
exhibited by rotting seed. Beans are a nitrogen fixing
crop so add lime,dolomite or woodash before
placing the seed in the row. This will ensure a good
crop. Sow in Spring after the last frost when the soil
has warmed. Ensure your soil is well drained and in a
full sun position.

QTY 75 seeds

Image by Thomas Wilken from Pixabay

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